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BETAFEM Feminine Wash 300 ml Gentle Protection Against Vaginal Itching, Odour and Excessive Discharge

Provides daily protection against vaginal discomforts such as itching, odour and excessive discharge Contains natural triple protection TRI-CARE+ formula including

Canesbalance Gel for Bacterial Vaginosis Symptom Treatment Applicators, Pack of 7

Effectively relieves unpleasant odour and abnormal discharge associated with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Clinically proven to treat the symptoms of BV

Canestest Self Test for Common Vaginal Infections; Helps To Diagnose Bacterial Vaginosis. From the makers of Canesten.

Unique self-test for Bacterial Vaginosis Allows you to self test in the comfort of your own home Canestest links vaginal

Femfresh Everyday Care Daily Intimate Wash – with aloe vera, 250 ml

Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested by the experts pH Balanced, Hypoallergenic and soap free – so there’s no fuss just loads

Green Pharmacy – Pharma Care – Soothing gel for intimate hygiene OAK BARK SAGE 300ml

contains lactic acid and oak bark extract has a pH of about 5.2 contains cranberry extract proven ingredients for intimate

Lactacyd Feminine Wash – 200 ml

In harmony with the ph of your feminine area Contains national ingredients lactic acid and milk extract Help to preserve

Organic Anthyllis Delicate Intimate Feminine Wash, Blueberry & Calendula extracts Gentle for Sensitive Skin, Vegan, SLS PEG Paraben Free Dermatology Tested, 300ml (Single)

Enriched with Calendula extract with its well-known anti-inflammatory and non-reddening properties. The soothing and refreshing properties of Blueberry make the

Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons Applicator

Tampaxs N degrees one combination of comfort and protection Tampax MotionFit tampon that adapts to your bodys distinct shape Leakguard

VAGISIL pH Balance Intimate Wash for Daily External Feminine Hygiene with LactoPrebiotic, 250 ml

* Helps fortify natural defences * Clinically and gynaecologist tested * With LactoPrebiotic * Gentle enough for daily use *