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RDX Speed Ball Boxing Genuine Leather MMA Muay Thai Training Punching Dodge Striking Bag Kit Hanging Swivel Workout Speedball Kicking

Authentic cowhide leather build is stubbornly resilient, and almost invincible Reinforced hand-stitching; riveted and layered to unbreakable perfection Polycotton lines

Ultrasport Boxing Gear-Series MMA Ultra Gloves with Built-in Nylon Bandage

For use in the studio and at home for the Mixed Martial Arts Protect against grazes and abrasions in contact

Xnature Boxing Equipment Punching Gloves Thai Pads Boxing Training Mitts Kickboxing Pad Punch Pad Boxing Mitts Punching Pad (Punching Mitts A pair Red)

Highly FlexibleLight Punching Mitts, highly efficient shock absorption from EVA-LUTION FOAM and Supremo-Shock Foam. Hand-Shaped Mould. Constructed to fit the